Dog Obedience Classes

Obedience Group

Obedience Classes Available:

Basic through Advanced Obedience Groups and Classes

Behavior Modification

Rally Obedience

Competition Obedience

Therapy Dog Classes

Canine Good Citizen Preparation Class


BASIC OBEDIENCE: GOALS – Well mannered dog who responds reliably to basic commands

– Heel on loose leash

– Sit and down stays

– Come when called

– Finish (go to heel position)

– Address behavior issues

INTERMEDIATE OBEDIENCE GOALS:  Refine and polish basic skills, adding in expanded exercises

– Begin heeling off leash

– Long sit and down stays with many distractions

– Recall with challenging distractions

– Stand for examinations

– Down in motion

ADVANCED HOUSE MANNERS: Go to spot/kennel/bed, ask for entry/exit, car manners

ADVANCED OBEDIENCE GOALS: Exceptional reliability, preparation for competition

– Heel off leash

– Hand signals

– Sit and down stays owner out of sight

– Down on recall

– Beginning retrieve

New Classes are forming all the time. Call today to enroll.

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