Group Classes: $165.00

Private Lessons: $65.00 per hour


*You do not have to be a member to take classes!

Doggy Day Care Fridays:  $20 half day/$35 full day_

         Drop off treadmill exercise and training: $30 half hour.

                   Annual Agility & Fitness Memberships:

                                                   First Dog: $450.00    

                                                         Second Dog: $50.00

Third Dog: $25.00

Fourth Dog: $25.00

Paid Monthly, Agility & Fitness Memberships:

First Dog: $50.00

            Second Dog: Additional $10.00 per month

                                                      Third Dog: Additional $5.00 per month                                                          Fourth Dog: Additional $5.00 per month 

****We now have add-on memberships.  For those enrolled in group classes, for  $35 additional dollars to the group enrollment fee, you can come in and practice during designated hours. 

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