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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide dog lovers ranging from the casual dog owner to the serious competitor with activities, professional training, equipment and a safe, comfortable, fun environment to maximize the potential, fitness and enjoyment of their canine companions.


Dog Central Station is a dog training, dog sports, multi functional training and dog recreation facility.  We believe that our dogs should live an enriched life which results in a harmonious, respectful relationship with our canine companions.  We offer a diverse variety of dog classes, dog exercise, dog sports and dog obedience.  Dog gym memberships are offered for the dog enthusiast who would like to use our indoor facility to practice, exercise or help rehabilitate dog injuries. We have the dog training equipment you need, whether it be obedience jumps, agility equipment or our dog treadmills, balance discs and donut, flyball boxes, rally-o signs and interactive dog toys. We also provide dog trainers an opportunity to use our dog training facility to work with their dog loving clients in a safe, comfortable and reasonable priced training environment.

Maureen Odenwald, Tucson Agility Dog Trainer, with Willie

 National Dog Agility Award winner Maureen Odenwald is the owner of Dog Central Station and the Managing Dog Trainer. Maureen has many years of experience teaching Dog Agility, Flyball, Obedience, Behavior Modification, Rally Obedience and tricks. Among Maureen’s many other accomplishments, she was a dog trainer and handler for a talent agency that managed dogs for films, commercials, stage, modeling, and TV.

We are pleased to associate with other affiliate trainers who use our facility to offer Therapy Dog Training, Service Dog Training, Behavior Modification, and Animal Connectedness Training and other activities.

If you are a dog lover please join us for classes to strengthen the bond and enjoy one on one time with your best friend. New classes are forming all the time, check out the calendar, and no matter what level you and your dog are at there is a class or an activity that can suit your lifestyle and your dog.



Agility Course at Dog Central Station


Agility and Fitness Memberships:

    • Year-round indoor agility course access
    • Fitness training
    • Dog rehabilitation equipment
    • Yappy hour recreation


Poodle jumping fly ball

Dog Central Station LLC

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